Відпочивала пару місяців тому. Місце просто приголомшливе!! Шикарні номери, уважний персонал, відмінна їжа. Їздимо з чоловіком у Трускавець щороку і дуже раді, що відкрилося місце такого рівня і комфорту, як «Шале Грааль». Дякуємо персоналу готелю за увагу та доброту.
Ми відпочивали в готелі на новорічні та Різдвяні канікули 2009-2010, і наш вибір був бездоганним: індивідуальний супер-сервіс, атмосфера домашнього затишку, відмінна кухня. Окремо потрібно відзначити СПА-центр – злагоджена робота медиків і сестричок, всі види масажу, косметологія — все найвищої якості. Можемо рекомендувати готель і для сімейного відпочинку, і для романтичної подорожі — все годиться, бо місце розташування готелю вибрано ідеально. Браво!
I was on vacation here with my friend in early June and was very satisfied. Staff is very courteous, polite, friendly, the main therapist of the medical center — is simply the best! Only one thing could spoil my rest — after my check out, I forgot my mobile phone in lobby, but they managed to get it to the train, for this I thank many times to the team of apartment hotel.
Two years of vacationing in «Rixos». We decided to try a new place, «Chale Graal» — is something quite different: very comfortable, nice and clean. It is suitable for those, who like to have a calm rest. Staff is more smiling and helpful. Thank you all!
We rested for ten days in this beautiful place, at the end of March 2010. Made a choice based on the hotel website, it is quite informative, and really conveys the necessary information…And I saw this place in autumn of 2009 when I was walking around the town, and was surprised with the building that drawn my attention, it seems like a piece of Europe ... I stopped in Rixos ...And as they say everything is relative.... Once again, outlining the rest in Truskavets I decided to try and was not disappointed at all ...I guess I would say that this is the best place in Truskavets...Convenient location, close to pump-room, park and the city center. Perfect rooms, created so you will not feel crowded and not comfortable, even if you come here with a big family, or just yourself ... There is always a great variety of apartments … different style, size and location ...Now about the food ... maybe it's not unimportant factor in deciding where to spend our holiday...But I didn’t notice the defects, though I travel a lot, and I am very picky... Breakfast is buffet type, where you can order such dishes as gruel or omelet and it has homemade taste, like it was cooked by your mother at home and it is without taking for it extra money ...very touching …Lunches and dinners are offered with a special menu ... offer consists of selection of dishes, which you choose during the breakfast by making a request’s very cool… (Yes, by the way ... I enjoyed the package all-inclusive))... Great bar with a choice of high quality alcohol…good coffee...Nice schooled waiters. And I want to speak specifically about the menu at the restaurant … Amazing!!!!! Big variety of dishes.... for gourmet, and generally for people who are demanding to cuisine ... Thanks to Constantine, the chef! Spa and Medical Center.... Everything has good location...... and everything is competently excellent.... very cute girls at the reception desk, can tell and show you everything ... in general they will help you to spend time with pleasure (do not think anything wrong ))))))....... yes, also you don’t need to walk to the pump-room and drink water, you can just go down to the spa ..... It is brought specially for the guests.... Trained staff is not obtrusive and in any second is ready to jump to help you... Excellent area.... all well maintained and convenient..... What else to say..... .... Enjoyed everything, this place left a lot of positive..... I will come again.... for sure..... Will recommend to everybody.... You won’t be disappointed believe me!! THANK YOU! I will be pleased to answer questions about the hotel
If you need a break from everyday life, work, and crowd — I recommend this hotel! Recover, improve your health and just look at the world through the other point of view — you need to go here. I am grateful to hotel staff and medical spa center
Rested in «Chale Graal» for the third time, I think not the last one. Perfect place for families with babies, because each room has a kitchen, and in front of the hotel a beautiful park is situated. Nutrition corresponds to the level of the institution and meets all tastes. Homemade cooking is very delicious. Despite the abundance of food we didn’t put on weight! Probably because any time you can swim in a pool, workout in the gym, steam in any of the available saunas. Cosmetology, spa treatments are at the highest level. We didn’t try medical treatment but a lot of tourists in the hotel came for it, I think the level of it is high too and you don’t need to go for the treatment somewhere, because medical center is situated in the hotel. We really enjoyed the time that we spend here. I recommend this hotel for everybody, especially for those who want to spend their holiday with a huge advantage and get satisfaction. And it’s important that there is no language barrier and unusual food as in other hotels of this level abroad. Don’t think too much, just go and you will not regret it, and you can go at any time of year, as the weather is not important factor ??for the rest in such hotel. Holidays that are spent here leave an unforgettable impression for a long time!
Isak's family
Rested in July, the impressions are still fresh. Hotel is very lovely, atmosphere is good and sincere. All the time felt even better than at home. Attentive, friendly and welcoming staff! Thank you all! Very well even every detail - quality, cleanness, happiness and fun. There were a lot of nice things in spa, many useful procedures in the medical center, a lot of tasty things in «Theodora». Indeed, «Chale Graal» - this is five stars hotel. We now have a favorite place for relaxation and very cool that it's - in Ukraine!
Elena, Igor
Отдыхали в июле, впечатления ещё свежи. Прекрасный отель, добрая и душевная атмосфера. Всё время чувствовали себя даже лучше, чем дома. Внимательные, доброжелательные и приветливые сотрудники! Спасибо вам всем! Очень хорошо продумано всё до мелочей — качественно, чисто, радостно и интересно. Много приятного в СПА, много полезного в медцентре, много вкусного в «Теодоре». Действительно, «Шале Грааль» — это пять звёзд. Теперь у нас есть любимое место для отдыха и очень здорово, что это — в Украине!
Елена, Игорь
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